MP2. Gain control of maintenance processes, saving your plant time and money.

MP2 CMMS Software

The Opportunity

As industries become increasingly technically advanced, it is more important than ever to ensure plant profitability with an organized, accountable maintenance program.

The Answer

MP2 is a completely integrated asset management system enabling your company to:

  • Organize and track inventory.
  • Manage equipment costs.
  • Track equipment history.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Maintain confidential labor records.
  • Allocate resources.
  • Generate work orders.
  • Requisition and purchase parts.
  • Project equipment failures.

MP2 accommodates any size facility. You can install MP2 on a standalone or client/server system. Furthermore, MP2 has seamless upgrade capability. For example, you can enter data into a standalone version, and then upgrade it to a client/server system with no additional data entry. This level of user control has contributed to making MP2 the choice of more maintenance professionals than any other maintenance management system in the world.

MP2 sets the industry standard for graphic-based, easy-to-use maintenance software designed for any-size organization.

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